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Ynoe is a consulting firm specialised in industrial market research for engineering sciences

Yann de Charentenay


25 years of experience in innovation & marketing


Ynoe Consulting conducts market research, marketing studies, and research of innovative technologies. Our job is to research business and technological information, analyze it and transfer it in the most intelligible way to our clients. We perform our analyzes globally thanks to fluent practice of English. Ynoe Consulting specializes in the following industries:  materials, nanomaterials, electronics, instrumentation, energy. 




We propose three categories of research :

You are developing an innovative technology whose level of maturity is variable : concept, first R&D results, prototype. Ynoe Consulting will identifie potential applications for your technology and then analyse the applications to find the best opportunities. To do so, we will have direct contacts with industrial prospects thanks to our long experience of interviewing the right contacts inside companies. Pragmatic and creative,  we will suggest the best positioning and the best arguments for our customer technology and we will adjust the offer presentation based on first prospect feedbacks. Finally, we will synthetise our analysis in a Powerpoint presentation which will present a relevant market segmentation and meaningfull tables, graphics and recommandations to enable our customer to take strategic decisions : Stop, Go, Which market segments, Technology roadmap.. ?
You have no available technology for the moment and would be interested to enter on a new market. Thus, you would like to have a comprehensive market overview that will present applications, technologies, players, competitors, trends, market forecast.  This document will give you a market analysis to understand market present situation and market trends for the future. This is the right tool to identify innovative technologies to be developed and the right entry point on the market. As for the marketing research, following a first phase of desk research, we will then contact key players to get accurate and update market information and then we will prepare a synthetic market research document.
You are looking for innovative technologies for a technical problem defined by your specifications and you would like to find the best solution and associated suppliers. Based on our technologies expertise, we will rapidly present an overview of potential technologies candidates and we will suggest the best solutions based on your specifications. Then, we will contact the suppliers who seem to have the most attractive solutions with sufficient maturity. Finally, we will do a technical and economical analysis of the solutions and of the suppliers in order to select the best candidates.

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25years of expérience

Industries and projects examples

Here are some project examples in the different industries in which Ynoe Consulting is specialised : nanomaterials, materials, electronic/semiconductor, instrumentation, energy, environment. Click on the picture to see the projects.

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Environment and energy

Environment and energy

Materials (painting, polymers)

Materials (painting, polymers)








Here are some Ynoe Consulting customers (non exhaustive list) :



Customers testimonials

  • During Mathym foundation process, I have requested Yann De Charentenay skills to make a marketing research in the field of nanomaterials. His relationships capability, his listening, his rigorous technologies understanding, his business network, his english skills, his analytical skills have been key assets to proceed the market research with effectivness and friendlyness. I therefore strongly recommend Yann de Charentenay market research services.

    Frederic Chaput | MAHYM company founder

  • During my company foundation process in the field of photocatalytic medias, I had the opportunity to subcontract the market research production to Ynoe Consulting. This research has been done with professionalism and a high commitment in a cordial atmosphere. I’m completely satisfied by this collaboration and highly recommend Ynoe Consulting market research services.

    Razvan GARBAN | Innovup incubator, Photocat company founder

  • Yann has made a very specific market research efficiently and competently.  He is very professional and produced a synthetic comprehensive report. For a second research, he has showed us that we were going in a dead end what saved us a lot of time

    Bruno Crosnier Leconte| Sudlac, CEO

  • For many years I have worked with pleasure with Yann de Charentenay. I value his skills in the field of marketing research services for various industries. I have always appreciate Yann reliability both at work quality and commitment level. Yann has managed several students of my master in technology and innovation. He has been a serious tutor, committed with students and able to guide them in a real research thinking exceeding simple consultant role.

    Paul MILLIER|EMLYON professor, and famous book writer on innovation and marketing

  • Ynoe has answered to our requests in a short lead time and accordingly to our budget. We have valued the reports clarity and the quality of information gathered. The researchs done have perfectly targeted the most relevant market players. They enable us to established business relationships rapidly. Ynoe recommandations have been very precious in the definition and implementation of our technology transfer strategies.

    Christian Chapelle|Pulsalys, technology transfer project manager

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